Hand Crafted Everyday Hair Bows

I have brought you glory on earth by finishing the work you gave me to do.
John 17:4


About Me...

My name is Elizabeth St.Pierre, I am a blessed mother of four wonderful daughters, Grace, Trinity, Faith and Mercy, all gifts from God. I am also the fortunate wife of a servant of the risen Christ.

I am a stay at home mom busy raising and home schooling four girls, and I got tired of spending $5.00 per bow each time I found myself looking for a new one. Eventually, I realized I am blessed with 4 daughters, so bow making seemed an appropriate craft to learn.

Why You Should Order My Hair Bows?

I've come up with four solid reasons why you should order my hair bows... :)


I Am Driven By Faith

My business is founded on my faith in the risen Savior, Jesus. When you order my products, you support a disciple of Christ.

I Provide Fast Turnaround

My bows are already made and your order is ready to ship. You'll be glad to know all orders ship within 1 business day!

I Offer Secure Shopping

Because I do not store your credit or debit card information, shopping on my site is safe.

My Bows Are Cost Effective

My bows are priced for families on a budget, and similar bows likely cost twice as much in stores.

How It All Started...

After a conversation with friend of mine about hair bows, she came over and taught me how to make them. Then my husband found out I could now make beautiful hair bows myself and voila! The seed was planted...

Soon after a delivery came from Fedex, it was a giant bag of 100 double prong clips he ordered off eBay. Since he's a web producer, this web site miraculously followed, another gift from our Lord made possible by the works of my loving husband. He did all this in only a few hours while the girls and I slept, including taking and editing photographs of my existing collection of hair bows.

My hope is that you will find bows that suit your needs and possibly tell a friend about this website so I can continue serving the Lord through a hobby I very much enjoy.


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Blue Stitch

$ 5 /pair

These bows are perfect for any hair type, and their casual look pairs perfectly with any outfit.

Pink & White

$ 6 /pair

These bows feature two ribbons that will bring out the princess in almost anyone.

Pink Flowers

$ 7 /pair

These larger bows are simple yet elegant, and a great way to tie hair up in seconds.

Snowflakes Bows

$ 8 /pair

These bows feature playful snowflakes and are specially themed for the winter season.

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